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Fruits and Vegetables Washing Machine

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Introducing the cutting-edge technology of Fruits and Vegetables Washing Machine where you can now effortlessly purify your food, protect your family’s health and keep it safe from pesticides.  With advanced electrolytic ultrasonic cleaning, it effectively degrades harmful substances such as pesticide residues from food and is 94.8% efficient in its removal rate. Get 360° cleaning with no dead angle for thorough cleaning, yet light enough to be portable for versatility.  Ease of use and safety are provided with a one key system that takes away any complexity, plus low voltage reliability through stable power supply. Crafted with food grade material and a hollowing out design drainage hole to get rid of material residue, the Fruits and Vegetables Washing Machine provides secure multi-function use.  Optimize the way you clean and reassure yourself with this powerful machine perfect for professional or home use – with Fruits and Vegetables Washing Machine quality has never been easier!



Estimated delivery date 2024/07/15

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Voltage: 5V
Battery Type:2 x AA Batteries(Not Included)
Package Size:23.5*23*13.5cm
Color: White

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