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3 in 1 Portable Vacuum Cleaner – Vacuum Plus

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The Portable Vacuum Cleaner – Vacuum Plus is a must-have tool for car owners, offering a more effective and efficient way to keep your vehicle in top condition. This highly portable and rechargeable device features an impressive suction power that will quickly clean up dirt and debris from your car’s interior. Forget about expensive car washes, VacuumPlus gets the job done quickly with no mess or hassle. The recharge time is fast, so you can have your car’s interior cleaned in no time. With its convenient size, it’s easy to take the vacuum anywhere. Finally put an end to expensive trips to the car wash; say goodbye to dirt and mess with the Portable Vacuum Cleaner – Vacuum Plus!



Estimated delivery date 2024/07/15

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Material: ABS plastic

1x Portable Vacuum Cleaner – Vacuum Plus, 
1x USB Charger

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